Sourdough Quilts, The Beginning!
In November 1997 my husband and I adopted our son, Victor, from an orphanage in Russia's frozen North. Fortunately for Victor, and us, he had a very good orphanage, as far as orphanages go. But each child has one thing in common - no parents to love and comfort them. They live in groups - 10 to 12 kids per group, by age.
In January 1999 I went back to Victor's orphanage on a humanitatian aid trip. My dear friend, Shauna, had sent a quilt with me as part of my donation package. The orphanage director, Olga, was thrilled! She said something like it was very important for the children to have handmade things, that it provides them with "a good energy." The seeds to the program were planted!
When I got home I decided I would find a way to send enough quilts to the orphanage so that each child could have something lovey and nice to cuddle. The problem is, there are sixty three kids at that Baby Home!
I quickly decided I would be needing help, so I started putting together fabric kits for my friends at my class and guild. The kits were not for a whole quilt, but enough for a top and backing - a "starter kit." That is how I named the program.
A lovely, lovely lady named Margaret is the Studio Manager at Aleene's Creative Living, and she heard about my project from her friend who heard me talk about it at a guild meeting. She thought it would be a good topic for their "Sharing" segment on Aleene's Creative Living. My 15 minutes of fame! (Well, okay, two minutes.)
The Project Now. . .
Now I am giving Sourdough Starter Quilt Kits to those who promise to return a finished quilt to me. I have had tons of fun buying all kinds of great kid's prints.
If You Want To Participate. . .
You can get in touch with me, and I will send you a quilt kit. Or, you can just make up your own quilt and send it. All that I ask is that your quilt be about 36" x 45". It can be a cheater, it can be machine or hand quilted, it can be machine tacked. It is up to you. I do ask that the quilts not be tied with anything that can be chewed off. Some of the children mouth everything and could be put at risk. Just remember, most of all, that your quilt will be well loved, and well washed! You will be making a difference in the life of a child who has a very lonely existence!

This is one of the bedrooms 
at the Petrozavodsk Baby
Home. Just think how 
cheerful it will look with 
colorful, cozy quilts on top
of all of the beds!

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