This is "the poor place". It is hard
to tell, but you can see the peeling paint.

This is my dear friend Lou, and
Elena. Elena lives at "the Poor Place",
and she stands out in our minds because
we have never seen such a
profoundly sad child.
This is a really great applique project completed by the children at the Kongdapoga Children's Home. A man in our group bought it right
off the wall!

Our humanitarian aid trip in January took us to three boarding homes for older children. Two had sewing programs for the kids. One place, which we call the "poor place", was trying to start a sewing program. These programs are very, very important. The kids really need to learn skills. When my friend, Lou, returned this June to adopt two girls we met on the trip, I sent a package of sewing supplies for them to begin their sewing program. Lou said the workers there cried and cried. They couldn't believe someone remembered them, thought of them, and wanted to help them. I will continue to send supplies to them as I can. I would love for them to have rotary cutters and mats!

One of the children at the Kongdapoga Children's Home made this great quilt, and had it on their bed.

Two ladies mending clothes in the sewing room at Kongdapoga. This is where the kids learn.

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